The 1st December meeting was attended by representatives from 18 Local Authorities, as well as representatives from Ofsted and The Institute of Education.

The agenda for the meeting can be downloaded here

The sessions covered in the meeting, with downloadable presentations, are shown below:

Environment Rating Scales- Lambeth's Project

Marcella McHugh (Head of EYFS & Childcare, Lambeth Council) Download presentation here

Walsall...Better together for for children; ITERS/ECERS project 2014 starting points

Dawn Kelly and Jenni Ward (Headteachers, Walsall Nursery Schools) Download presentation here

EPPSE: Results at age 16

Brenda Taggart (Senior Researcher & Principal Investigator, Institute of Education, University of London) Link here

The Impact on Nursery Attendance on Children's Outcomes

Summary of recent research published by Blanden et Al at the universities of Surrey & Essex. Link here

ECERS-3 Update

Update on the revision of the ECERS-R, including implications for current ECERS projects and training. Download presentation here