The 19th June meeting was attended by representatives from 16 Local Authorities, as well as representatives from The Department for Education, NCTL and The Institute of Education.

The agenda for the meeting can be downloaded here

The sessions covered in the meeting, with downloadable presentations, are shown below:

ITERS and ECERS in North Lincolnshire and the role of the EYP

Hannah Wood and Rachael Barrett (EYP Standards and Workforce Officers, North Lincolnshire Council) Download presentation here

Quality & Inequality: do three and four year olds in deprived areas experience lower quality early years provision?

Sandra Mathers (University of Oxford/A+ Education) Download presentation here

Brent embraces the ECERS challenge

Linda Lockie (Early Years Advisory Teacher), Wendy Yianni (Head Teacher) and Wendy Kelly (Nursery Manager) Brent Council. Download presentation here

Sector led quality improvement - developing our understanding & intelligence across the Early Years sector.

Kate McKenna (Early Years Associate) and Chris Chafer (Deputy Lead Associate) National College for Teaching and Leadership.  Download presentation here