The Oxford meeting was very well attended, with representatives from 25 Local Authorities, the DCSF and National Strategies.

Professor Kathy Sylva and Sandra Mathers from the University of Oxford presented recent research findings on quality, in the context of 'Education in a Recession'. Their presentation can be download here.


In the Local Authority session, three LAs gave a useful and inspirational update on their work with the ECERS and the other Environment Rating Scales, also available for download::

ECERS and Quality Improvement in Coventry (Jean Ferraro, Coventry City Council)

Improving Quality and Closing the Gap in Buckinghamshire(Sally Thorpe, Buckinghamshire County Council)

Nottingham City Environment Rating Scales: Quality Assurance Scheme (Anne Corcoran, Nottingham City Council)


Topics on the agenda for discussion included:

*  The Environment Rating Scales, the DDA and assessing provision for children with additional needs."

*  Developing a coherent QI strategy - how ECERS fits alongside EYQISP, other QI tools and QA schemes, and how do these 'jigsaw pieces" fit together to contribute towards LA Quality Improvement proceses and improving children's outcomes?"


The full agenda for the Oxford meeting can be downloaded here.