The 27th November meeting was attended by representatives from 22 Local Authorities, as well as representatives from The Department for Education, Ofsted and The Institute of Education.

The agenda for the meeting can be downloaded here

The sessions covered in the meeting, with downloadable presentations, are shown below:

Creating Centres of Innovation

Julian Grenier (Sheringham Nursery School and Children’s Centre). Download presentation here

The Inclusive Classroom Profile (ICP)

Introduction by Brenda Taggart (IOE) Elena Soucacou. Download presentation here 

Policy update and consultation on the local authority role

Duncan Aitchison (Department for Education). Download presentation here

Early developments – bridging the gap between evidence and policy in early years education

Imogen Parker (IPPR). Download presentation. Download presentation here 

Sound Foundations: A review of the research literature on quality for under
threes and implications for policy and practice

Sandra Mathers and Kathy Sylva, University of Oxford. 

Implications of the day’s presentations for policy and practice
- Closing comments